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Junglesop Other Names: Asumpa, Bombi, Anguto, Tahu, Bobo, Ebambu Related To: [Annonaceae] Cherimoya, Atemoya, Kepel Main Uses: Fruit, Woodwork Growth Rate: Fast Mature Height/Spread: Can… Read More »Junglesop Rare Fruit Trees

Needle Palm Cold-Hardy Tropicals Other Names: porcupine palm, Blue Palmetto, Rhapidophyllum hystrix      Related To: n/a Main Uses: Ornamental. Growth Rate: Slow to moderate.… Read More »Needle Palm Cold-Hardy Tropicals

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“Tree is in fine shape and budding! Packing was exceptional. Thank you so much!” – Satisfied Customer 1 “WOW, Plant is 10X better than expected.… Read More »Skyfield Tropical : Welcome